The Small Joys of Spring

On day five of Lent, I am thankful for the little signs of joy that are sprouting up around our area. The incessant rains have kept most of the tulips at bay. But there were still lots of little spots of joy when Jeff and I walked through Cheekwood Sunday afternoon.


Sunny daffodils.


These gorgeous pink flowers (whatever they are called).


Two or three struggling tulips.


Bright orange pansies.


And rows of beautiful hyacinths.

Wherever you live, whatever weather you are experiencing, find the joy of the moment. If you look beyond the gloom, cut the negative thoughts in half, and double the thank you prayers, everything will be coming up roses or daffodils or purple hyacinths before you know it! I am praying that you are able to find the little dots of joy in the brown landscape of your day! #gratitudeforLent



About dotcommom61

A woman filled up with joy and blessings who is trying hard to follow the advice I learned as a kid and let my little light shine!
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