Cupcake Thank Yous

IMG_20190307_215909299When you meld together two companies, one that is very entrepreneurial and one that is globally bureaucratic, it takes a minute before everything works smoothly. Worthy and Ellie Claire have been part of Hachette Nashville for almost six months but only recently have we combined servers, printers, and offices. The result has been one big IT gallimaufry! You would think we were mixing Hatfield wires with McCoy servers.

Today all my systems signed me out and wouldn’t let me back in–smack dab in the middle of the day. I tried everything my puny brain knows to try in these situations to no avail.

Then Courtney, the visiting, overworked, “fixing IT problems is my super power” girl who is on loan to us from the Boulder office waved her magic wand (or logged into the administrative system, whatever) and fixed my problem. In five minutes.

I love her.

IMG_20190307_215858180Tonight I made her cupcakes to let her and the other IT people know how thankful I am that that they are defending us against the technology behemoth that is plaguing us.

She left her family in Colorado to step into our crazy world! If making cupcakes can make her half as happy as her help has made me, I will be doubly satisfied! Thank God for intelligent IT people. And for cupcakes. 

(I made keto muffins for the gluten free, sugar free, dairy free in the office. I am not a monster!)


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