Half the Work, Double the Green Thumbs

Day one of our vacation was spent helping Jasmine move out of her old apartment into a new one. Jeff’s sister, Julie, and her husband, Dave, came to help, as well as Sherri. We cleaned, boxed, loaded, took stuff to the dumpster, and unloaded. With all the help, it took half the time.

That gave us time to go check out Chris and Jasmine’s garden and mini orchard. They have pear, cherry, plum, and several varieties of apple trees. Lots of veggies and flowers. Compact and cute. We loved it. They know how to grow things.


We then had a lovely dinner with my brother Virgil and his wife, Robin, before retiring to the really cool Bass Pro Angler’s Inn where even the door handles and parking lines were fish. It was a great start to the J+M Road Trip.


About dotcommom61

A woman filled up with joy and blessings who is trying hard to follow the advice I learned as a kid and let my little light shine!
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