Double the Museums

We used to live in Springfield, Mo., once upon a time when we could carry our kids on our backs or hips. One of their favorite places to visit was Bass Pro. There were huge fish swimming in extraordinary aquariums, taxidermed animals everywhere, candy, waterfalls, and during the holidays, the best Santa and reindeer in town.

On this visit to Springfield we visited the massive World of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium that are now part of Bass Pro. And, y’all, these museums are worldclass. The Aquarium was voted the best aquarium in the country for 2017 and rightly so.


The Museum entrance.


There is a full size cabin inside. The place is humongous.


This area is about the hunters and record holders.


Piebald Whitetail Deer are rare but beautiful.


The wildlife scenes were amazing. This one really made you feel like you were under the northern lights. We’ve seen them in real life and this display nailed it.


The polar bears were so animated.


African deer with pointy horns. 


The blue light special is an aquarium.


The entry into the aquarium was grand in size and design.


Jasmine was captivated by this very large fish.


This is a full size, real boat. The people onboard are life size. The water and fish looked like they were frozen in time, with flashes of light reflected off both and giving the illusion of a real sea.


Sherri, Larry, and the foot-eating shark.


Spiny fish are supposedly not good to eat. But he was handsome.


One wall was dedicated to photos to presidents on fishing trips. 


This is part of the lake exhibit. But there were fish from rivers, seas, oceans, and goldfish bowls.


Piranha are gorgeous. They look like someone rubbed gold nuggets on their sides. They lure you in with the shiny stuff and then eat you.


Clown fish.


Some of the best fish in the sea.


This little guy was checking us out. I think he smelled something fishy.


Jellyfish! Several species were represented. 


Had to include Hemingway’s boat, Pilar.


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